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Getting Ink Stains Off Leather When it comes to getting ink stains out of leather, ball point ink is the worst because it's oil-based. Try not to spread the Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers-FHC014B any more than necessary because it has a drying effect on leather. For remaining spots, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and treat just the ink stain area by dabbing with the alcohol and cotton swab. You may have to break the gum apart in several pieces but generally, it will come off.

To do this without getting the leather wet and leaving a water spot, there are a few options you can. Once the ink stain is removed, wash the area with Dove soap. A parent's worse nightmare, is looking over to see their child sleeping on the car's leather seats or the leather sofa and there lying beside their head, a big old wad of gum! One of the easiest ways to remove gum is to freeze it and then just pick it off. If the ink stain starts to disappear, continue and then allow the leather to dry. So when it makes a mark on leather, it's quickly absorbed.Have you ever had an accident with ink and leather?

Or how about getting gum off of it? Well That's OK, it's not the end of the world. When dry, buff with a clean cloth to shine the leather. Pay attention to the type of leather you're dealing with, and everything should work out fine. That does not mean getting the ink stain out is impossible, just that it might need different methods. Home Remedies No matter what type of ink stain, start by using a white, non-abrasive pencil eraser. You can also try dampening a soft clean cloth with hair spray, wood alcohol, a mild multi-purpose automotive interior cleaner, or a mild dish detergent and warm water, and then gently rubbing the ink stain. Getting Gum off Leather This is common among families with smaller children.

If you find that any solution used discolors the leather slightly, you can purchase a number of leather sprays that will restore your leather to its natural luster, but remember that if you have any doubts, you should talk to professional leather cleaners. When dry, apply a small amount of conditioner. Ink is a dye. 

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